What is it?

The original System Shock 2 had a 16-bit rendering engine using paletted textures (in short: agressive color compression); With the new 2.4 patch, the rendering pipeline is now 32 bits and allow to use bigger textures in "true colors" (24-bit).

The goal of Four Hundred is to provide bigger textures (up to 16 times the original surface) in true color while staying as faithful as possible to the original style. Four Hundred also uses extensively a new feature introduced by the 2.4 patch: materials scripting (aka shaders), allowing special effects to be applied directly on terrain surfaces.


Important: System Shock 2 must be patched to 2.4 for this mod to work.

Easy way

1. Go to your System Shock 2 installation directory.
2. Extract the whole archive in DataPermanentMods.

Hard way

Fist make System Shock 2 "mod-ready":
1. Go to your System Shock 2 installation directory.
2. Create a sub directory called res.
3. Move all yours CRF files to res (you should have 16, unless other mods are already installed)
4. Open install.cfg in notepad.
5. Delete the line starting with resname_base.
6. Add the following line: resname_base C:\Program Files\SShock2\res, save install.cfg.

Then install FourHundred:
1. Go to your System Shock 2 installation directory.
3. Extract the whole archive there, two new directories will appear: fam and obj.


1. FourHundred is WIP (work in progress), some texture may change in the future, there are tons of missings and a few unfinished.
2. The screenshots may look different than what you'll get because I used a modified cam_ext.cfg, get a copy in the download section.

Minisite "Shock2: Four Hundred" (c) 1999-2018 ACC