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February 20th, 2021
I just uploaded seven more (old) tracks to Wastes: 4 "not chiptune" (some elements sound like OFF, so maybe it was meant to be tests for the batter comics section? I can't remember), RoyBudd EXP2, Bagpag-b, and The Unyielding Fred Phoenix. Sort files by upload date to find them. I also found more (old) music from (old) aborted projects.

February 7th, 2021
Fixed a tiny oversight when accessing the site via a non-existing page (404).

January 17th, 2021
New preview system for galleries: the selected picture is displayed on the current page, use the left and right arrow to change picture, and escape to close the preview (you can also click outside the image). Full-resolution image is opened in a new tab if you click on it. I think it's cleaner overall. In other news, "Wrong Address" has been added to Wastes.

January 15th, 2021
All right, website back online. It works fine as it is and will work better in a while (I want to include a proper gallery browser for previews and provide the ability to play tracks inside your browser without downloading the file first...) It may look like there's more content than before, but no: the previous website was THAT clumsy and awkward to navigate. I also added some OFF prototype songs and "Sleeping At The Office" in the music section. Let me know if I'm forgetting something.